Writing in the dark

My site was unreachable today for a number of hours.

Cause unknown.

There‘s a possibility that someone’s tried to tamper with this site.

I felt … perturbed by the thought of being a target yet again.

But not discouraged.

The site went dark, but I architected this blog with resilience in mind. I can publish whenever I want as long as I can upload files to the server. Today’s issue wouldn’t have prevented me from doing that; it’s just that readers would be barred from seeing it until the issue’s resolved.

I think about that a lot: resilience. How to become more resilient myself, and how to bake it into the systems I create, natural and unnatural alike.

Despite the numerous setbacks I’ve had to endure over the past two decades I never once wavered from trying to achieve my goals; goals I set as young as 10. Today’s outage had me writing for an audience that couldnt be reached, possibly due to a hostile actor; yet I felt no more or less driven to write, and confident that I could publish today’s entry all the same.

That’s resilience.

Created on July 26, 2021
Published on July 26, 2021