Getting things done

Are you a procrastinator?

Of course you are, only the lunatics among us aren’t.

Yesterday, I posted about feeling too drained to sit down and write, and continued to postpone until the deadline was getting near. Despite my exhaustion I was still expecting myself to be at the top of my game!

Silly brain.

Always demanding the absolute best from himself.

Managing my energy levels has been critical in ensuring I continue to get work done, but there’s one trick in particular I’d like to talk about that’s helped a lot in the past:

Lowering the bar.

Just for today’s work.

For me that would mean not getting stuck on a title for today’s post but rather defaulting to a template that makes titles optional (e.g. “entry #23”). Removing the expectation of having the perfect title (for SEO purposes) lowers the treshold at which my gears start moving.

When you feel like giving up, lower your expectations, and get something done. It doesn’t have to be good, it just needs to preserve your momentum.

Created on August 9, 2021
Published on August 9, 2021