Don't go to bed during the day

Unless you actually need to take a nap, don’t go to bed during the day.

Don’t rest on it.

Don’t even go near it.

The bed’s strongly associated with sleep. I myself feel drowsy after just a few minutes of lying down on the bed. I start to feel hazy too, unmotivated, utterly incapable of doing anything else but rest. I wonder, have I been pushing myself too hard lately, or is the bed simply too strongly associated with sleep?

I don’t really have a proper place to rest when I need it during the day. I could perhaps go for a stroll and call it “active rest”, as long as it doesn’t engage the mind too much I should be fine. Maybe I’ll buy a chair to rest in. Who knows? Doesn’t matter as long as I stop using the bed for anything but sleep.

Created on August 18, 2021
Published on August 18, 2021