Try on different suits and see how they fit

I’ve been trying on different suits to see how they fit, but not in the way you’re imagining it. I write and experiment in public. I change “clothes” often to see how it feels. I openly experiment with design, new business ideas, and my writings to unify myself with what the creative process is actually like. It’s chaotic, intuitive, and emergent. Drastically increasing the output means I can count on stumbling upon a gem with greater frequency, and ensures I keep myself motivated and entertained.

That’s why I’m going back to writing daily. I thought I could just write weekly instead of daily but guess what happened? The output dropped spectacularly and I missed the weekly deadline I had set. I employ the same mindset with thoughts/ideas. You try it on and feel how it fits. If it’s not a good match you try on a different one until you find one that feels just right. That way I won’t get too attached to one idea or another; it’s freeing.

Created on September 13, 2021
Published on September 13, 2021