About me

I am Rob Hutters. You may verify my identity on Keybase.


What is this?


I would like people to continue to have conversations with me even after I’m gone. The prospect of death is what compels me to write. I want my loved ones to feel like they can still have conversations with me even when I’m no longer physically present to engage with. It’s a powerful motivator.

I want to find or create the language necessary to convey what happens when you endure repeated trauma early on in life. I rely on metaphor to bridge the gap between experience and understanding, but I fear it’s not enough for people to empathize. Regardless, using a less than perfect tool is still better than doing nothing.


I write to leave something unique and beautiful behind when I’m dead and buried. I develop web-applications because it’s an in-demand skill that I happen to enjoy doing.


I’m Dutch.


6"2' (188cm)

Brown hair.

Dark brown eyes.

I live in the Netherlands.

I’m 32.

I keep fitness simple. I run; prefaced by some pull-ups to get my heart rate up. I hike, walk, ride a bike as often as I can, and don’t drive unless I must. I like to ski, too.

I’d describe myself as a socially-progressive secular humanist, pragmatist, and environmentalist.

I hold an MSc in Business Information Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

I specialized in IT management, online-business development, and analytics.