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Rob is a self-taught Software Engineer from the Netherlands. He lives with his cat Gus near Rotterdam. He’s a sought after speaker on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He’s committed to building a better future for humanity by providing insight into what human beings need to excel and by removing the language of pathology surrounding people who experience the world differently .

Keynote 1 :: Designing for Inclusion is Good Design for Everyone #

First held: August 17th, 2023

It’s the outliers of society, the neurodivergent, who are most likely to push society forward culturally, economically, and socially, but they live in a world that wasn’t designed for them to thrive in. We are wasting human potential and handicapping our own with the way we’ve structured life and work.

Hire me to learn how to maximise productivity for everyone involved and unlock your employees’ potential.

Workshop 1 :: How to Live Well in a World You Don’t Understand #

First held: October 6th, 2023

How to navigate a world you don’t understand? You learn and innovate on the fly.

The premise of this workshop is based on the idea that you can only truly understand that which you have experienced yourself.

How is that related to innovation? Innovation at its core is new language construction. You find words for that which does not yet exist.

Most of our communication is of a non-verbal nature, most of it “unseen” in the sense that we don’t make it explicit. Making the unseen seen is a skill some people who are neurodivergent possess because without that ability they can’t function in this world. It is the same skill that underlies the work necessary to innovate.

In this workshop I’ll teach you how to make the implicit nature of our world explicit so you too can innovate better than your competitors.