#HOW I ...

In these pages I try to give an accurate description of how I live my life. It's both meant to force me to reflect on my limitations, values, and habits, as well as give future readers, beyond my death, the opportunity to learn about me.

(More to come soon)




In the ‘blog’ section I reflect on my own insecurities and commit to paper a history of my view on the world and my place in it; it is meant as a daily exercise to myself to experiment with different ‘voices’ and see what resonates.

You might be wondering why there are only three options.

My philosophy for the web includes the belief that the vast majority of visitors stumble upon the information they want through an intermediary (i.e. google search). I see no point in adding a full list of entries.

The web's architecture is a reflection of our love of exploration. I mindfully chose to only list a limited number of pages on the front page to encourage the reader to explore at their own pace. You can jump to a new page from within a single post.