Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

I want to teach (young) men how to survive great calamity with grace and live a good life.

How do you go from a life of great adversity and pain to one of prosperity and pleasure?

That’s the question I want to answer. I believe that men who have endured a great many adverse life experiences need new language to communicate what kind of hell they’re in. I’m here to give these boys and men a voice and illuminate a way out. I do not believe in the fairytale that all adversity can be overcome. I neither consider hope a necessary component to survival. I believe in the reality that’s discovered, not invented out of convenience. I can give men a no-nonsense approach to survival and show them what’s required to thrive.


Thank you again for everything. (...) So much love and gratitude for you.
- O. on behalf of Amanda

I think this work is some of the best I've read in the space, and I really enjoy reading it.
-- Mark