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Corporate speak, for I am ambitious. The media is a hungry animal and its diet is strict.

Speaker bio.

Rob Hutters MSc, C-PTSD survivor, philosopher, lecturer, entrepreneur, policy advisor, and inclusion designer, has committed himself to be a voice for diversity and inclusion in a relentless pursuit for a more equitable and resilient future. Rob’s vision for the future is one where public policies are reshaped to empower and enable all humans, irrespective of their experience of this world. He believes that it is the outliers of society, the neurodivergent, who push society forward. He further believes we are bound by the context of our own experience, which limits connection, and demands the creation of new language to bridge the experience gap, for which the neurodivergent are the most suited.

Invite Rob to come speak about how to draw insights from your own unique experience of this world and to talk about the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

Inquire at robhutters [at] gmail [dot] com