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How I bootstrapped my way to wealth and power

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Personal — In six days I created the world, on the seventh I rested. Except that it’s been well over a decade and I see no sign of life slowing down.

I grew up a poor boy.

I only possessed at least one major console each generation, had access to excellent tutors who went the extra mile when I got stuck, never went hungry, paid pennies for my advanced degrees, travelled to all major continents except the Americas and the Poles because my living expenses were virtually non-existent, and met amazing people who opened doors for me that would otherwise not be.

Then I became an adult. And again I started with nothing.

Dad only paid for every investment I needed to make to get the ball rolling, despite having savings. He didn’t even get mad when I failed and took responsibility for my failings. I spent two years rebuilding myself from the ground up, and another two obtaining marketable skills as a web-developer looking to create a new world for myself.

Then I went and built myself an empire.

I built an empire with the knowledge gleaned from my advanced degrees in the social sciences and the skills I obtained during a two year all-you-can-eat non-stop knowledge buffet. I reached out to influential people with the writing skills that I had perfected over decades of training, met them, befriended them, and my life changed overnight.

If I can do it, why can’t you?