Monsters in the dark

My favorite part of today was riding my bike at night.

My sister lives in a village outside of town. I came to visit her after dinner and left late.

Facing the dark is a frightening prospect for me. There be monsters hiding there.

I felt the vastness of space weighing down on me as I rode my bike home. Yet the blackened sky on this summer’s eve enveloped me like I was no longer a stranger to it.

I’m intimately familiar with life’s horrors. I know all too well what horrors lie awake in the dark; the mind doesn’t have to imagine. There is a strange comfort in that. The sky above me, with all of space bearing down on it, reminded me that although I was born in darkness I managed to find the light with a little help.

If or when the darkness returns, I know what to do to banish it again.

Riding my bike through the dark has never felt peaceful until now.

What a time to be alive.

Created on July 29, 2021
Published on July 29, 2021