A life well-wasted

Make the most of today because life is short!

Hold your horses.

People mean well when they say you need “to make the most of it because life is short”, but living according to this maxim requires you to adopt a sense of urgency, which puts you in a state of suspense, but the anxious mind can’t grasp anything fully, thus we must reject any maxim that forces us to live with urgency.

Every day is a new life, a new chance to redraw yourself with the experience you’ve gained from yesterday’s challenges. Life has always been that way. Every human being who has ever lived has gone through the same whirlwind of emotions that we call “living through our experiences”; to have lived well is to survive today.

If you are lucky you will wake up tomorrow. Yet another day to feel what we need to feel. Paradoxically, to “make the most of today” you must abandon your sense of urgency. You must learn to slow down, never hurry, and focus on what you’re feeling; everything else follows naturally.

Created on August 3, 2021
Published on August 3, 2021