Developer diary (1.2) - Typography and Language

This entry continues the series on brand identity.

A large part of brand identity is determined by how you communicate with your customer. The type of language you use determines who feels drawn to it and who deterred. The same is true for your choice of typography; it communicates what type of company you are, what it represents, and who your perceived clients are. Let’s compare.

Wreath typeface is shown.

Type face “abolition” is shown.

The first image shows a typeface that would be suited for a company that wants to communicate that it’s energetic, creative, and playful. Most of your typical food blogs choose this type of typography. The second image communicates the exact opposite. It’s reserved, steadfast, serious. I don’t want to associate with every other food blog out there, I’m the “anti-chef”, I want to automate that dull task as much as possible and share my ways with the world, that’s why I chose Abolition as the main font for logos and headers. It stands out immediately and won’t draw the wrong crowd.

Created on August 25, 2021
Published on August 25, 2021