If life were a song

If life were a song, what would you hear?

Routines are boring only to those who don’t hear their own song. Life has a rhythm to it that you can tune into by going through the motions.

The daily tasks required to maintain health can feel like drudgery. It’s the chorus we are forced to hear without reprieve. Listening to our favorite song gets old and annoying real fast if it were forced upon us.

We must introduce a verse here and there to keep things interesting. We do this by chasing novelty, new experiences. If we don’t get enough of them life starts to feel dull.

Life’s been rather uneventful the last couple years. I’m hyper focused on my goals. I have no room for novelty at the moment, but to keep things interesting I take pleasure in the comings and goings of daily life.

Created on August 29, 2021
Published on August 29, 2021