I feel like I haven't learned much at all

I was never able to focus on my education; it always came second to survival. I can’t make up for lost time, but I still feel a profound sadness associated with it. I don’t feel like I’ve learned much at all. What to make of that?

It’s disconcerting to feel like you know nothing at all.

It’s not true, but you feel so … naked.



“I’ve worked my butt off my whole life, and THIS is what I’ve got to show for it?!"

It’s the inner critic at work.

Mine is a representation of myself with a moustache; not a twiddly, tiny moustache, but a thick, intimidating one.

It’s self-awareness.

The realisation that I understand so little of the world keeps me modest.

Created on September 1, 2021
Published on September 1, 2021