Why is there no contact section?

There’s no contact section because I’m terrified of people. It’s that initial “unknown“ stage of meeting someone new that throws me out of whack. In my essay When Time Stood Still I explained that ”all sharks look like sharks" and that makes meeting new people difficult. Every person I meet is a potential threat to my well-being and that makes me nervous.

People register as threats by default. I grew up in a perpetually hostile and life-threatening environment, unbeknownst to my immediate family. It’s left me on edge. If it sounds like I’m angry a lot it‘s because I need to keep people at arms length to keep them from hurting me again.

I would love to meet new people! It saddens me that it’s so difficult. It’ll have to remain on my terms for now. There are amazing people out there, and my life is less rich without them in it.

Created on September 14, 2021
Published on September 14, 2021