Millennials no longer blamed for anything

World - Boomers have taken to the streets to apologize for their short-sightedness and willful ignorance.

“We are sorry”, said Karen to our local reporter, “We are so sorry for blaming you for our faults. We’ve seen the light. I’m so sorry I yelled at you. I’m so sorry for demanding to see the manager when I should have addressed my pain internally. I’m so very sorry.”

Another commented, “I was a staunch believer in the Climate hoax, but then I realized that I don’t know shit about anything and that I should listen to the people who’ve dedicated their lives to studying the natural world.”

Kathy couldn’t wait to weigh in, “I believed our farts caused Climate Change. I don’t even know why! I read it on Facebook, and a person I trusted said it was true. That’s pretty silly, isn’t it? I’m so happy to know it’s not because I get gassy!”

Millennials the world over rejoice.

“Thank you for listening”, said Greta Thunberg in an interview with us. “I can finally retire and be at peace knowing the world will do the right thing.”

Last modified on March 30, 2022
Published on January 27, 2020