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What is art … but narrative?

To create art you must disentangle the threads that guide your curiosity; you can’t do that without unravelling the mystery of yourself and the subject holding your attention.

Everything else is commentary.

Higher res images available: View box resets when you click on the highlighted image. Best viewed on larger screens.


I stumbled upon Stable Diffusion a month ago and I'm in love. If you're capable of "crafting a prompt" you're capable of creating visual art. I wonder how this tech will impact creatives. Will we be left with fewer traditional concept artists and more people writing prompts? Will the value of "real" artists go UP?

I've been giving descriptions of women I've known and loved to the AI. Here are just a few of my attempts.

Hand study

I love my hands. They are my favourite body part. They should be immortalised on the Internet. Maybe I'll draw them in the future. Right click Open Image in New Tab for the UHD version or click on them if you have plenty screen real estate 🔥 (click again to close)

Soft lines + AI

I like drawing soft lines and feeding the result to an AI. It's really fun!

(coming soon)