How I envision the future

#1 Meaningful work

No human being shall feel like their work doesn't meaningfully contribute to the greater whole. It's dehumanising to work a job that doesn't intrinsically motivate.

#2 Universal Basic Income

We can guarantee a universal basic income by taxing the billionaire class. They are not entitled to the wealth created by the labour class. No one shall suffer financial stress.

#3 Housing first

Everyone is entitled to a home, water, warmth and food. We all deserve being surrounded by beauty and be protected from the elements. No more homeless people.

#4 Reverence for nature

We might be the earliest intelligent life form in the universe and we are squandering this precious gift. By revering nature we maintain our health and longevity.

#5 A unifying philosophy

Nobody can navigate life without philosophy. We cannot afford to think of other people as enemies. There is so much more that unites us than divides us. Help others navigate life.

#6 Compassion as the Golden Rule

To have compassion is to know that everyone suffers. Your words hold the power to either heal or destroy. Let whatever you say inspire and ease the pain we carry with us.

#7 No-one gets paid more than educators

We can't create a world in which everyone participates equally without education. Educators are they most valued members of society and their salaries should reflect that.

#8 No more 9 to 5

Pursuing the arts and being with our loved ones are the true joys of life and keep us healthy. The 9 to 5 needs to go to free up time for what actually matters.

#9 No more cars

The car is an abomination. A car-centric world poisons every aspect of life. Everyone should have access to the basics within walking distance and be surrounded by nature.

#10 Ban social media

The rise of social media has led to the destruction of the social contract; it rewards humanity's ugliest traits. It must be destroyed to keep democracy alive.