Not all opinions are equally valuable

I, unfortunately, do not have the mental bandwidth to be everywhere, but as Seneca put it, “to be everywhere is to be nowhere”. Choosing where to be and how you spend that energy is a vital decision that impacts your well-being. I can’t spread myself too thin in fear of burn-out, loss of focus, energy vampires, and unhappiness.

I understand the need to be connected to existing networks, in the sense that I need to be where my audience is to engage with them, but do I need to be on all Social Media platforms to reap the benefits? And does being on those platforms drive traffic to my content? Most sites link to a whole range of platforms, but me being a single party, does that make sense for me too? I don’t believe so.

The question I asked myself is, “does the data support Social Media being the main driver of network traffic?” And the answer is … Not really … but also, it depends. If your content isn’t evergreen (eg news) then you’ll benefit from a Social Media focused approach. For everything else good SEO and brand awareness (resulting in direct traffic) are the two biggest drivers of traffic and growth, which means that getting involved with a community of your choice and nailing SEO for your niche will do more for you than heavily promoting your work across all Social Media platforms.

Overview of what types of sources drive network traffic.

Be where your audience is and nowhere else.

For a more nuanced take on what drives traffic read the associated source with this image.

I chose Reddit for this blog. I’m afraid to engage with the communities I’m mostly a lurker in though, which brings me to the topic of today. That fear is rooted in the need for safety, which I’ve addressed in therapy and will dedicate a separate post to, but also in having no interest in spending an enormous amount of energy to address every interested party with something to say.

One way of looking at it is to not consider their opinions at all.


This may alienate potential fans, which I don’t want to do. I’m happy you’re reading my work, and thankful that it is interesting to you. Readers should be rewarded for investing time in me. That’s why some readers will be invited to become part of my Circle of Trustees (placeholder name), among other benefits I’ve yet to confer (up)on them. Their opinions will be treated the same way I treat those of my most valued friends and family.

That way I too can invest energy where it matters and ensure that I won’t feel drained or overwhelmed by any attention coming my way.

Created on July 18, 2021
Published on July 18, 2021