How to find your purpose

I don’t believe we have an innate purpose. Purpose is what you must invent for yourself. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you are here with a purpose granted by a force greater than yourself. That idea is easily dismissed by thinking of the many 1-year olds that have died throughout the ages. What was their purpose? To live an unusually cruel and short life? Don’t worship anything that would have you abandon your humanity.

You find your purpose by focusing on anything that gives you a sense of progress. Curiosity drives progress and enjoyment. Writing and programming feel good to me because I’m intrinsically attached to the idea of creating a world with words. You have to take on the responsibility of self-improvement and aim your energy at whatever makes you curious to create. Focus on improving a skill that gives you joy; all else will follow naturally.

Created on July 19, 2021
Published on July 19, 2021