Meaningful discourse

Two words have been ringing in my ears lately, “meaningful discourse”. I’m not sure what it means yet. I thought about it one night before bed, wrote down “meaningful discourse” in my notes to continue the next day, but by morning I had forgotten what it meant!

Perhaps I wanted to engage in conversation with a positive return on investment and not find myself wishing for a better connection. Perhaps I was looking to filter the noise ahead of time that comes with becoming a well-known writer. How do you meaningfully engage with your readers when you have thousands of them, millions even?

Readers who add disproportionate value to the writer’s life should be rewarded. I’m certain that engagement gives birth to further insight and yet more topics to write about. Selecting for those who add value would vastly reduce the required effort to maintain a readership while also providing additional value to said readership.

That quality is important to me, and not because I wouldn’t want to engage with every single reader, but because I’m incapable of doing that. I only have a limited amount of energy to spend every day, and must choose wisely otherwise I burn out or must forego other worthwhile endeavors.

I don’t know why I keep thinking about this. I thought that writing about it would help, but nothing new came to mind.

Created on August 2, 2021
Published on August 2, 2021