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Mad lad atheist tells Paula White to fuck off with a bible quote

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U.S. — Paula White, a religious nutter known for being U.S. President Trump’s spiritual adviser met her match at a rally today.

A few minutes into the rally an absolute mad lad used an air horn during her monologue about how Trump’s going to secure his presidency in 2020. He was handed a megaphone from what we can only surmise to be a friend, and said:

“I quote from the Bible, 1 Timothy 2:12! ‘I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.’ Please do as the Bible says and keep your mouth shut.“.

“God speaks through me!”, retorted White. “Which God? Ra? Thor? Shiva the Destroyer?”, said the man. “The one true God!!”, yelled White. “Same question. Loads of gods claim to be the one true god."

“And again, you’re not permitted to lecture me as a woman, so fuck off maybe?”. The man was arrested for being a heretic, charged with blasphemy and hung in the courts hours after his conviction.